Q. Why are wood 2x4s not good enough for a roof to hold a pipe?

When wood becomes wet, multiple things can happen.  The wood may begin to rot and no longer serve as a support of the roof as anticipated; it can also create some damage as the harshness of the wood breaks through the roofing membrane.  In other cases, the wood is going to move and leave the pipes unsupported, which is what we often see when running gas pipes.  As the gas pipes begin to swell, there is not enough space for the movement of the pipe to be absorbed into the wood, which ultimately makes the wood base move.


Instead of having issues with the pipes and possible damage to the roof, we suggest using the MIRO pipe supports.  Each of these is designed to move with the gas pipe as it expands, which is why it’s on a roller.  In addition, the height off the roof can move from 4” to 12” for our stock items.  The bases are round on the corners so it does not cut into the roofing membrane.


Q: Fall restraint rails are so big and bulky. How can I get them on my roof?

Safety Rail Company is genius in their packaging (or at least we think so).  The rails stand vertically and can be lifted easily with a crane.  The pallet they are on is durable and it makes moving these products easy.

Q: How long does it take to have products sent to us?

Shipping times vary depending on the product and this is merely an estimate of the lead time.  Here’s a rough breakdown of what we hope to achieve:

-          MIRO Stock Items: If ordered before 1:00CST, these will typically go out via UPS that same day if we have items in stock.  Although we try to keep plenty of any product in stock, if a customer knows they will be buying a large quantity, we encourage them to contact us early so we can bring extra in to fill our inventory.

-          MIRO Custom Products: Each time we quote customized products, we do put a lead time that we try to adhere to when quoting.  It all depends on quantity, the time the product is ordered, etc.  These items do ship out of Salt Lake City so the amount of shipping days depends on the final destination location.

-          D Mark ships in 1-2 days depending on where the final destination is located.

-          Milcor: Hatches are either custom made or standard items.  Either way, it takes roughly two days to prepare for shipment and depend on the destination.

-          Portals Plus: Orders must be received by 1:00CST and will take two days to process and prepare for shipment. 

-          Safety Rail: Most items are in stock so it will depend on when the purchase order is received and where the product is being shipped to.

Q: There’s a solar panel system on top of the roof. Do you have anything to support this?

Yes, we do.  MIRO has created a solar support based on specifications for the unit.  The bases are made of polycarbonate and are similar to our H-frame duct supports.