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Contractors Express, inc. stocks the following Miro pipe supports
in Willowbrook, a suburb of Chicago :

1.5 Pipestand
1.5 Spacer
3R-2, 3R-4, 3RAH-7, and 3RAH-12 Pipestand 
3R Spacer 
4R, 4RAH-7, and 4RAH-12 Pipestand 
5R, 5RAH-7, and 5RAH-12 Pipestand 
2.5 Conduit Supports—All Sizes
Support Pads 
16 Base Strut
1.5, 3R, 4RAH, and 6RAH Pipestrap

We can always help you get drawings and pricing for custom pieces, including crossovers and duct work.


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